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ข้อมูลการ์ดมอนสเตอร์ Rox

Monster LvEquipNameEffects
21WeaponFabre CardAspd +60
520WeaponPecopeco Egg CardHaste +60
194WeaponFemale Thief CardCrit +60
2210027WeaponHornet CardP.Atk +30 Additional Physical Damage +30
2410028WeaponAmbernite CardP.Atk +30 Physical penetration +30
3022WeaponDrainliar CardP.Atk +60
166WeaponSavage Babe CardM.Atk +30 +30 bonus to damage
173WeaponFamiliar CardM.Atk +30 M.Pen +30
2112WeaponPlankton CardM.Atk +60
3610027WeaponHorn CardAspd +120
3926WeaponDagger Skel Pirate CardHaste +120
4040WeaponSkeleton Worker CardCrit +120
4037WeaponHunter Fly CardP.Atk +60 Physical Damage Bonus +120
4210105WeaponArgos CardP.Atk +60 Physical penetration +60
4469WeaponMetaller CardP.Atk +120
4519WeaponFlora CardM.Atk +60 +120 bonus to damage
349WeaponCaramel CardM.Atk +60 M.Pen +60
3611WeaponHydra CardM.Atk +120
4625WeaponScorpion CardFinal Aspd +30%
4732WeaponSide Winder CardFinal Haste +3%
4833WeaponMagnolia CardFinal Crit +6%
5021WeaponAndre CardP.Atk +3% Final PEN +3%
5213WeaponVadon CardP.Atk +3% Add +3% to the final physical damage
5314WeaponMarina CardP.Atk +6%
5328WeaponArcher Skeleton CardM.Atk +3% Final M.PEN +3%
5024WeaponDesert Wolf CardM.Atk +3% +3% Final M.DMG Bonus
5929WeaponMinorous CardM.Atk +6%
6110086WeaponArclouze CardWater damage +10% Wind damage +10%
6242WeaponRequiem CardEarth damage +10% Fire damage +10%
6310038WeaponBigfoot cardHoly damage +10% Neutral damage +10%
6343WeaponSnake CardGhost damage +10% Poison damage +10%
647WeaponWolf cardFinal Aspd +40%
6510154WeaponAnubis CardFinal Crit +8%
6573WeaponSkeleton CardDamage to large size +10%
6610089WeaponMunak CardDamage to medium size +10%
6915WeaponDeviace CardDamage to small size +10%
7635WeaponOrc Skeleton Card+12.5% damage to demons
7941WeaponPetite Dragon Card+12.5% ​​damage to invisible monsters
8116WeaponGoblin Archer CardDamage to insects +12.5%
8210130WeaponKobold Archer CardDamage to fish and shell monster +12.5%
8334WeaponOrc Lady CardDamage to Humanoid +12.5%
8436WeaponZenorc Card+12.5% ??to undead damage
8517WeaponGoblin Steamrider CardDamage to dragons +12.5%
8838WeaponRotar Zairo CardDamage to animals +12.5%
25b1Weapon[Day] Golden Thief Bug CardWater Element increased by +15% Increased wind Elements by +15%
40b2Weapon[Day] Drake CardEarth damage +15% Fire Element increased by +15%
30b112Weapon[Night] Dragonfly CardGhost Element increased by +15% Poison Element increased by +15%
40g2Weapon[Night] Ghostring CardFinal Aspd +60%
30b6Weapon[Night] Mistress CardFinal Crit +12%
30b7Weapon[Day] Phreeoni Card+15% damage to large bodies
40b8Weapon[Night]Kraken CardDamage to medium size +15%
40e3Weapon[Void] Eddga CardDamage to small size +15%
50t2Weapon[Night] Toad CardP.Atk +7.5% Final PEN +7.5%
60d3Weapon[Night] Deviling CardP.Atk +7.5% Add +7.5% to the final physical damage
60A2Weapon[Night] Angeling CardP.Atk +15%
30m4Weapon[Day] Maya cardM.Atk +7.5% Final M.PEN +7.5%
60p4Weapon[Night]Pharaoh CardM.Atk +7.5% +7.5% Final M.DMG Bonus
50h5Weapon[Night] Orc Lord CardM.Atk +15%
657ArmorPicky CardHP+1200
970ArmorPicky (Shell) CardPhysical defense +60
2966ArmorSteel Chonchon CardMagic Defense +60
3330ArmorRocker CardHP+4800
3359ArmorRhoda Frog CardPhysical defense +120
4467ArmorSavage CardMagic Defense +120
4671ArmorSasquatch CardMax HP+12%
5263ArmorArgiope CardFinal P.Def +6%
5961ArmorSwordfish CardFinal M.Def +6%
6472ArmorPasana CardNeutral Damage taken -10% Dark Damage taken -10% Wind Damage taken -10%
6762ArmorMarc cardFire Damage taken -10% Ghost Damage taken -10% Earth Damage takens -10%
6868ArmorDokebi CardWater Damage taken -10% Damage from undead -10% Poison Damage taken -10%
8010035ArmorPetite Flying Dragon CardMax HP+20%
30b11Armor[Day] Dragonfly cardNeutral Damage taken -15% Dark Damage taken -15% Wind Damage taken -15%
40g1Armor[Day] Ghostring CardFire Damage taken -15% Ghost Damage taken -15% Earth Damage takens -15%
30p1Armor[Night] Phreeoni CardWater Damage taken -15% Damage from Undead -15% Poison Damage taken -15%
60s1Armor[Day] Strouf CardMax HP+30%
60A1Armor[Day] Angeling CardFinal P.Def +15%
60h4Armor[Day] Orc Lord CardFinal M.Def +15%
3pupaCloakPupa CardHP+1200
8con1CloakCondor CardMaterial injury reduction +30
15thCloakThief Bug CardDamage reduction +30
3210030CloakDustiness cardHP+4800
4185CloakMyst CardMaterial injury reduction +240
4174CloakWhisper CardDamage reduction +120
4977CloakHode CardMax HP+12%
5479CloakFrilldora CardFinal physical injury reduction +6%
6075CloakMarse CardFinal damage reduction +6%
7080CloakNine Tail CardDamage by Demon -10% -10% damage from fish and Fish and Shell Damage by dragon -10%
7281CloakOrc Zombie CardInvisible damage -10% Humanoid damage -10% Damaged by plants -10%
7482CloakJakk CardInsect damage -10% Take undead damage -10% Damaged by animals -10%
7883CloakMarionette CardMax HP+20%
7810030CloakGiant Whisper CardFinal material damage reduction +10%
8086CloakBapho Jr. CardFinal damage reduction +10%
30e4Cloak[Day] Eclipse CardDamage by Demon -15% Damage from fish and Fish and Shell -15% Damaged by dragon -15%
40m7Cloak[Day] Mastering CardInvisible damage -15% Humanoid damage -15% Damaged by plants -15%
80d1Cloak[Day] Dracula CardMax HP+30%
50t1Cloak[Day] Toad CardFinal material damage reduction +15%
60d2Cloak[Day] Deviling CardFinal damage reduction +15%
1288ShoesChonchon CardHP+1200
2587ShoesMale Thief Bug CardPhysical defense +30 Material injury reduction +15
1865ShoesBaby Desert WolfMagic defense +30 Damage reduction +15
40g3Shoes[Void] Ghostring CardTake damage from large size -15%
30m3Shoes[Void] Mistress CardDamage from medium size -15%
40e1ShoesEddga CardDamage by small size -15%
70m10ShoesMoonlight Flower cardMax HP+30%
50h2Shoes[Night] Orc Hero CardFinal M.Def +7.5% Final damage reduction +7.5%
1310005AccesoriesThief Bug Egg CardAttack speed +60
23105AccesoriesTarou cardHaste +60
26106AccesoriesSpore CardAnti-penetration +60
20108AccesoriesPoporing CardMagic penetration +60
27110AccesoriesCreamy CardPhysical damage bonus +60
2810063AccesoriesPoison Spore CardM.Dmg bonus +60
32109AccesoriesSmokie cardAttack speed +120
3510065AccesoriesKukre CardHaste +120
37107AccesoriesYoyo CardAnti-penetration +120
3910061AccesoriesPirate Skeleton CardMagic defense penetration +120
4210018AccesoriesMuka CardPhysical damage bonus +240
4310106AccesoriesMantis CardDamage bonus +240
4723AccesoriesGolem CardFinal Aspd +30%
5139AccesoriesSoldier Skeleton CardFinal Haste +3%
5510083AccesoriesVitata CardFinal Pen +6% Can use Lv1 Heal. SP cost of all skills is increased by 25% This effect doesnt stack
5610072AccesoriesPhen CardFinal M.PEN +6%
5810073AccesoriesMarine Sphere CardFinal DMG Bonus +6%
6010116AccesoriesZerom CardFinal M.DMG Bonus +6%
6710090AccesoriesBongun cardRoot resistance +10%
6810043AccesoriesGreatest General CardPetrification resistance +10%
7110042AccesoriesHorong CardSleep resistance +10%
7284AccesoriesOrc Baby CardSilence resistance +10%
7651AccesoriesHammer Kobold CardPhysical lifesteal +10%
8810126AccesoriesOrc Archer CardMagic lifesteal +10%
8910163AccesoriesWind Ghost CardMagic rebound +10%
50b3AccesoriesOsiris CardFinal anti-penetration +12%
30e6Accesories[Void] Eclipse CardFinal M.PEN +12%
40m9Accesories[Void] The Mastering CardAdditional +12% for final physical damage
40k2Accesories[Void] Kraken Card+12% additional final damage
50t3Accesories[Void] Toad CardPhysical rebound +15%
60A3Accesories[Void] Angeling CardMagic blood +15%
30m5Accesories[Night] Maya CardMagic rebound +15%
50h3Accesories[Void] Orc Hero CardCritical damage plus +15%
60p5Accesories[Void] Pharaoh CardCritical injury reduction +30%
48lava1HeadgearAnt larva cardP.Atk +6%
5627HeadgearMummy CardFinal M.PEN +6%
57mardHeadgearMarduk CardAdditional +6% for final physical damage
7150HeadgearHammer Goblin CardARM BRK RES+30%
7347HeadgearGoblin CardCURS RES +30%
7510121HeadgearOrc Warrior CardWeapon damage resistance +10%
87102HeadgearNightmare CardMaximum HP recovery +10%
30e5Headgear[Night] Eclipse CardP.Atk +12%
30b113Headgear[Void] Dragon Fly CardM.Atk +12%
40m8Headgear[Night] Mastering CardFinal anti-penetration +12%
30m1HeadgearMistress cardFinal M.PEN +12%
30p2Headgear[Void] Phreeoni CardAdditional +12% for final physical damage
40e2Headgear[Night] Eddga Card+12% additional final damage
50h1HeadgearOrc Hero CardHealing bonus +15%
60p3HeadgearPharaoh CardMaximum HP recovery +15%
60h6Headgear[Void] Orc Lord CardMaximum SP recovery +15%